Try the following suggestions if you are looking to book an interpreter:

1) Check out our Interpreter List to find interpreters with identities you might be specifically looking for. When contacting interpreters from this list – please follow the guidelines outlined here.

2) Interpreting Agencies – when booking through an agency, please give a detailed description of your event.

1. Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – contact

2. PIsigns – contact

3. Still Interpreting Inc. – contact Chris Dunn at

4. A.S.L. Interpreting Inc. – contact Lisz Keallen at

3) Douglas College Volunteer Student Interpreters: contact

Please recognize that volunteer student interpreters are students and this means that they are learning how to interpret and are still learning ASL. If you have funds for professional interpreters, this is always preferred as Deaf people deserve full access.


Tips for Event Organizers:

  • Confirm that you have ASL interpreters BEFORE posting publicly. If you wish to post publicly but have not secured ASL interpreters, state that ASL interpretation is PENDING and keep the community posted with regular updates.
  • Have a cancellation policy instead of waiting for someone to request interpretation. Many organizers wait until there is a request for an interpreter then scramble to find interpreters – this rarely works out well. Instead, find interpreters in advance and have a cancellation policy. Clearly state in your event info that interpretation is provided however if nobody puts in a formal request for interpretation before (deadline date) – interpretation will be cancelled.
  • Make sure you get in touch with Deaf organizations so people find out about your events! Make sure to start promoting a few weeks before the event. Contact the following:

BCRAD facebook – send us a message and we will post your event on our wall.

Email about your event and they will post it on

Go to the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program dept at VCC and post a flyer on their event wall.

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