Queer ASL

Queer ASL is an anti-oppressive, trans* & queer positive environment with a focus on creating an accessible, affordable, safer space for ASL learners in the lower mainland.

BCRAD partners closely with Queer ASL to provide the logistics for courses to happen, in addition to queer and trans* friendly spaces for signers of all abilities to practice ASL and interact with the Deaf community.  In many ways, Queer ASL and BCRAD are deeply entwined, stemming from, sharing, and serving the same communities. We are thrilled by our continued partnership with Queer ASL, as it constantly provides us with new opportunities to grow and expand the Deaf-queer community.



sfpirg-logoThe Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) is a student-funded and student-directed resource centre dedicated to social and environmental justice. SFPIRG is a registered non-profit that is centralized on SFU’s Burnaby Campus.

Currently, BCRAD is partnering with SFPIRG in an initiative to bring more awareness of Deaf Culture, ableism, and accessibility to the wider public. Our project consists of three stages. The first stage involves a poster campaign introducing viewers to ASL signs revolving around concepts of social justice. The second stage will offer an anti-oppressive ASL class. The third stage will consist of a workshop that introduces participants to intersectional topics of Deaf Culture.



dfbcDeaf Community Foundation of BC is a private foundation incorporated in 1999 to hold and invest monies for Deaf British Columbians. The Deaf Community Foundation’s primary objectives are to support, promote and encourage the development of projects that benefit Deaf British Columbians. Deaf Community Foundation of British Columbia funded activities provide a service directly linked and related to the community, or initiatives allowing the community to address any issues affecting Deaf British Columbians.

BCRAD currently runs off a grant provided to us by the Deaf Community Foundation of BC – without this financial support, there would be little way for BCRAD to carry out the projects that we currently run. We wish to thank the Deaf Community Foundation of BC for its ongoing support of Deaf community projects and initiatives.



182872_397188693649872_898094300_nPeerNetBC has been helping people connect since 1986, providing resources for peer groups and peer-led initiatives. Our resources and services are available for community members and groups across British Columbia, including online, rural, First Nations, multicultural and youth engagement initiatives. PeerNetBC is a non-profit, registered charitable organization.

BCRAD is currently partnering with PeerNetBC to provide workshops on accessibility and ableism. We recently completed a workshop on “Reimagining Accessibility”, which strove to begin a conversation on social and cultural definitions on accessibility, and we are now working to provide further workshops of this nature. In addition, we hope to work with PeerNetBC to bring anti-oppressive resources to the Deaf community in the near future to promote better allyship within these communities.



QAF_onwhiteRETNAThe Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver is an annual artist-run showcase of queer arts, culture and history. It celebrates the unique creative expressions of visual and performing artists who identify as part of the queer communities. QAF features a curated visual arts show, a community art show, and 3 dynamic weeks of cutting-edge performances and workshops from all artistic disciplines, including music, dance, theatre, literary and media arts.

BCRAD works with the Pride in Art Society to make queer art accessible to Deaf demographics. Last season, we successfully provided four interpreted events. In addition, we are pleased to work with Pride in Art to showcase topics and issues within our own community – we thank the Queer Arts Festival for hosting the highly successful Deaf-Queer 101 Panel Discussion, which enabled our communities to mutually explore the complex nature of Deaf-queer identities.



vanprideThe Vancouver PRIDE Society is the organizing body behind the annual Vancouver Pride Parade, Sunset Beach Festival and Market and approximately 20 events throughout the summer months. The organization was established on the international stage as a leader in organizing grassroots community events on a large scale.

BCRAD works with the Vancouver PRIDE Society to make Pride accessible for the Deaf community, as well as to promote the mandate of BCRAD to larger queer audiences. We were pleased to host a number of community spaces for signers at various Pride events last summer, participate in the Pride Parade, and generally work with the Vancouver PRIDE Society to develop more inclusive and accessible attitudes.



frankthe frank theatre company envisions a world that is free of intolerance and prejudice, and where sexual and gender diversity is accepted and embraced, everywhere in every society, and by everyone. the frank’s mission is to produce and promote queer and sex positive performance, facilitating a stronger Queer community by creating and encouraging the performing arts and artists. The frank strives to create greater positive public awareness and acceptance, through the performing arts, of individuals and groups outside of sexual and gender norms.

BCRAD partners with the frank theatre company to make queer theatre accessible to the Deaf Community. We are particularly thrilled with the frank’s highly intersectional mandate, which allows us to showcase a variety of topics and voices within our own community. Like BCRAD, the frank strives to continuously explore new forms of accessibility, and we are excited to provide a platform for outreach for the frank’s ideas and initiatives.

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