Our Mission:

The British Columbia Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (BCRAD) is an educational and social recreation organization for all people on the Deaf and queer spectrums. We work to strengthen the Deaf-queer community by providing safe, accessible, and inclusive events and spaces. In addition, we work with Deaf and queer community organizations to create greater public awareness and acceptance of Deaf-queer identities within wider communities.

We at the BCRAD believes in the importance of practicing allyship, and invites everyone of all identities to participate in our vision of building stronger, more inclusive communities. As an organization that values intersectionality, we strive to support and build bonds with other marginalized communities and identities.


Our History:

In 2000, the North West Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf was created to serve the Deaf-queer community along the West Coast of Canada and the United States. Its mandate was to provide social events and to promote health awareness. However, it quickly became clear that Canadian Deaf-queer demographics would benefit from their own independent organization tailored to Canadian lifestyles and culture – as a result, BCRAD branched off from the North West Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf in 2004, founded by Keith Cooke.

Today, BCRAD serves the Greater Vancouver Deaf-queer community by providing spaces and events for our community to organize around, and providing a voice for our community to address the accessibility concerns that many of us face in wider communities.


Our Projects:

BCRAD hosts a variety of events and workshops in accessible and inclusive spaces. All are welcome, whether you’re an old-time member of the Deaf community, or a new signer looking for a queer-friendly space to practice! For information on our events, please check out our event pages on this website, follow us on Facebook, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter (coming soon).

If you’re an organization or event planner looking to become more accessible to the Deaf-queer community, please get in touch with us. BCRAD has a number of partnerships with various community organizations, and we’re always eagerly looking for more. Find our contact on the Contact Us page!

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