While BCRAD generally encourages queer organizations to establish their own means of funding accessibility and ASL interpretation, we realize that there are still very many valuable grassroots projects out there in the community that struggle to afford the costs of interpretation – many of these projects emerge from marginalized communities in particular with very limited budgets and funding streams. Similarly, Deaf-queer people have unique needs when searching for accessibility – while Deaf-queer people can find very limited funding through outside agencies for interpretation, these services often are designed for straight Deaf people and do not provide adequate coverage for healthcare services, attending queer events, or other considerations of queer lifestyles.

Thus, BCRAD occupies a unique position accessibility-wise in which we try to redistribute resources within the queer community to better serve marginalized Deaf people. However, as grants for accessibility are extremely limited, we rely heavily upon donations to make this happen.

If you wish to support our goals of creating more accessible spaces in the queer community, please consider making a donation. Anything you can spare is highly appreciated – we promise that all money that comes to us will be recycled back into the community.

You can donate either in person with one of our board members at any of our events, or online by Paypal. Please note that we currently cannot provide tax receipts as we are still in the stages of growing enough to become a registered non-profit!

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