BCRAD creates partnerships with queer, Deaf and/or anti-oppressive community organizations for various reasons.

Many of our partners connect with us as a means of conducting outreach to the Deaf community – it’s common for organizations to set up interpreting services, but the next step is ensuring these services are well used and known within the Deaf community. We can help make that happen.

Other partners use us as a resource hub for accessibility. Especially for queer events, it’s important to find interpreters with a background in queer culture given the unique terms, customs and culture within these communities. BCRAD runs a network of queer interpreters that we can refer event organizers to. We can also advise on forms of accessibility beyond just meeting physical access standards – creating socially accessible spaces and challenging ableism in social structures are often important topics to address.

Still other partners work with us on shared goals of social justice. As an intersectional organization, we highly appreciate the importance of working with other marginalized communities to address oppression, inequality and justice as a united front. Thus, we enjoy having the opportunity to create workshops, discuss ableism and other oppressions, and develop shared spaces with other anti-oppressive organizations.

Because of the varied needs that we bring to and take from other organizations, we define a partner very flexibly; to us, a partner simply means another organization in which we share values with and exchange services and ideas in a reciprocal way. Some partnerships are more formal; others are less. We necessarily negotiate relationship and find balances based on our mutual needs are.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please send an email with your organizational information and your interest in BCRAD to info@bcrad.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


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